Cancellations policy & “No shows”

  • Cancellations Period

    The period for cancellations is 7 Days prior to the date of play. All cancellations within the 7-Day period will not be accepted and will be charged in full.

  • Cancellation Number

    All cancellations will be supplied with a Cancellation Number by SG; customers should request and keep this number as it will be requested by SG in case of future claims.

  • Cancellations due to Illness, Emergency or Unavoidable Situation

    Santana Golf advice all customers to have travel insurance to cover for any illness, emergency or other unavoidable situation.

    Santana Golf waives any responsibility should any of these situations occur and will charge customers for all the services contracted in case of No Show.


    No Shows will be charged in full by Santana Golf. A No Show is defined as:

    a) Anyone who makes a reservation and fails to appear for the tee time

    b) Anyone who makes a reservation and fails to cancel within the time frame.

    c) Anyone who fails to modify a reservation.

    d) Anyone who fails to appear at the 1st Tee at least 15 minutes prior to the start time.