Finca "Avocado Exports"

Santana Golf was meticulously crafted between 2002 and 2003 on a sprawling piece of land, formerly home to one of Europe’s largest avocado plantations known as Avocado Exports.
In 2001, the property caught the attention of two visionary Irish businessmen who recognized its immense potential and acquired the plot. They enlisted the expertise of renowned golf course, architect Cabell B. Robinson, to design and shape a world-class golf course.

Robinson’s masterful design seamlessly integrated the course into the natural landscape, utilizing the 55 hectares of land with minimal earth movement. The result is a golf course that exudes a timeless charm, giving the impression that it has been a cherished part of the scenery for years. Explore Santana Golf, an exquisite blend of nature and golfing excellence.