Weather Protocol

Course playable but unsettled weather conditions

In case of unsettled weather conditions, the Club will implement the "Weather Protocol" at the Club House, and will let the customer decide whether he or she wishes to play or not. If the customer decides not to play, there will be no charge for green fees. Should the customer decide the opposite, the following protocol will come into effect:

Payment of green fees as originally arranged

  • if played minimum one hole, the customer will receive a 9-holes rain check

  • if played minimum ten holes, the customer will not be entitled to any rain check 

The customer takes full responsibility of his/her decision even in the case of extreme bad weather conditions that evolve once his game has started resulting in bad course condition.

  • Any refunds will be made in the form of a rain check voucher

  • No cash will be reimbursed

  • The rain check voucher will be valid for equivalent season periods