Santana Golf: The course

Santana Golf presents an exquisite 18-hole, par 72 course spanning approximately 6207 meters across 138 acres of captivating parkland. Designed by renowned architect Cabell B. Robinson, the course seamlessly integrates into a former avocado plantation, offering a natural solution to various challenges.

Featuring wide, well-defined fairways on level terrain, Santana Golf is easily walkable, with water features thoughtfully incorporated into the design. Each hole boasts two championship tees and two general play tees for both men and women. The manicured putting greens, surrounded by strategically placed bunkers filled with sand from crushed marble, enhance the overall experience.

players at santana golf course on a sunny day

Buggy paths seamlessly weave through the course, blending beautifully with rows of fruit trees. The landscape, adorned with avocado, eucalyptus, orange and lemon trees, olive trees, and more, creates a diverse and picturesque environment. Indigenous birds, including the calzada eagle, add to the vibrant ecosystem.

Noteworthy is the ancient cork oaks along the 5th hole, standing for over 500 years. Santana Golf impresses with a mature and harmonious atmosphere. Beyond the scenic beauty, the course caters to the discerning golfer with demanding technical features.

Each hole, uniquely designed, provides a continuous challenge, making it appealing even for the most experienced players.

Hole 18 at Santana Golf Mijas

While it’s challenging to pinpoint a “signature hole,” the 18th stands out with its demanding finish, bordered by a lake on the right and a narrow approach to the green. The 4th hole is nothing short of spectacular, offering magnificent views and a challenging approach with the ‘Campillos’ stream. The 8th hole, recognized as the longest on the Costa del Sol at 602 meters (658 yards), favors the longer hitters. The 12th Par 3, playing downhill with a large undulating green, adds its own charm.

Santana Golf’s standout feature lies in its diverse design, where each hole possesses unique characteristics; this spectacular course, complemented by the superb climate and expert staff, transforms Santana Golf into a dreamlike destination where beauty,  golf and nature are one.”